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Project Highlight - Myanmarvels Branding

Understanding the problem

Last year we were approached by the founder of Myanmarvels, a Myanmar based travel experience agency, to help with the design of his branding materials. Our client wanted something special, to pleasantly surprise his guests. Being in the business of immersive and unforgettable travel experiences, his brand had to express the same fun and exciting personality. Unfortunately, time was short as the travel season had already started and he was in a hurry to have his branding materials completed, after having spent many months discussing with another supplier, without a result. This project seemed to be right up our alley, so we were excited to give it a go.

Research and benchmarking

The short time for this project was always going to be an obstacle to how creative we could afford to get. However, our client supported us by putting together a set of images and examples that helped us understand his desired creative direction. The fact that he knew what he wanted to achieve with this branding project made our work much easier, as we had a pretty clear direction from the start. When the client knows where they want to get, and they share their vision with us, it creates a closer partnership between the agency and the client, and helps us work together for a common objective. Treating the creative process as an unlimited offer of trials and errors, without a guiding vision, is an agency’s worst nightmare. The moodboard was a great starting point for our work. We next looked at the travel agency’s competitors, as well as benchmarks outside Myanmar. Doing extensive research in the industry in which our client operates not only helps us understand their competitive environment, but also who their target market is and what they expect from their service provider, what are the trends and possible disruptions, all in all good material that helps us understand the industry and our client’s clients.

The Creative Process

Next, we started working on some drafts which we shared with the client to ensure he liked the direction. As part of our creative design process, we share working drafts with our clients and we involve them at every step of the process, to ensure we have the same understanding of the creative direction, that they are on board with the designs and that we can make recommendations at an early stage. It also helps our clients gain confidence in our work and, we believe, it creates a trusted relationship between the client and us. Since the Myanmarvels brand already featured a hot air balloon, we decided to keep this graphic symbol and use it across all materials, whether in full colour, plain white or as a watermark, in full or flying in or out of the paper, to amplify the visual message, create a dynamic feel and ensure instant brand recognition.

Once the drafts were approved, the next step was to finalise the designs and the mock-ups. We like creating mock-ups because it makes it so much easier for the client to visualise the designs applied to the actual branded materials. And it’s so much more exciting to see the designs come to life!


Once the client was happy, we delivered the designs in preview and master files. Unfortunately we didn’t manage the printing of these materials, but we received a hard copy from our client, which we proudly display in our office.


Thank you Astrid, for such a wonderful job and Sorin for trusting our team with your brand!

Myanmarvels is a travel agency offering unique and unforgettable experiences to curious travellers in Myanmar, the Golden Land. If you want to experience Myanmar from a unique perspective, contact them for a customised tour. After all, it is life experiences what we remember, and memories what we accumulate, not objects.


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