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Why You Need a Digital Presence Audit

Our digital presence audit is an inspection of your digital practices, strategies and outcomes, on the background of the competitive environment and the needs of your target market. It highlights the current situation of your brand’s digital presence and summarizes recommendations, providing you with a guiding toolkit for improvement.

While the digital realm presents an enormous opportunity for businesses, it comes with many challenges. Spending on digital media is increasing dramatically. According to Social Media Today, online advertising is set to reach $329 by 2021, accounting for 49% of all global ad spend. While spending is increasing, so should measurable results. When marketers have an inability to tie social media to actual business results, it becomes more difficult to commit to budgets and resources. The digital strategy has to fit seamlessly within their business strategy, and contribute with tangible results and ROI. This is where the audit comes in - identifying what works, what doesn’t, and recommending the optimum actions to ensure the best results. Our experience conducting digital presence audits for our clients shows us that they are successful. Our clients have clearly seen where the issues in their strategy were or where additional effort was needed to get results. This is what we love about digital marketing and advertising. It’s transparent and data speaks. No guesswork. No messing about.

What we look at:

- Your website

- Keyword ranking

- Organic search

- Online ads

- Email marketing

- Content effectiveness

- Social media presence

- Online reputation

- Competitive environment

- User sentiment

Findings and recommendations:

- Overview ranking of your brand’s digital presence, including SWOT analysis

- Critical website elements to fix, including SEO recommendations

- Overview of your social media presence

- Overview of your online reputation

- Comparative ranking with competitors

- Overview of the user sentiment

- Prioritized action steps and recommendations with timeline

- Recommendations on what needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis

- Business recommendations for growth

On auditing the individual aspects of your digital presence, you will gain a clearer idea about the bigger picture. Gaining information from data will provide you with objective and reliable insights that will help you make informed decisions on your future digital strategies, budget and resource optimum planning and allocation in order to boost ROI and make the process more efficient.

If you’re interested in staying on top of when your customers are talking about your brand and what they are talking about, or want to ensure you don’t miss any update on your competitors, you might also want to check the media listening toolkit from Kaus.

When auditing is part of your regular activities, it becomes not only less time-consuming but also offers you a real-time insight into what is performing and what isn’t, offering you continuous feedback loops with useful information. This is recommended because it helps you have an overview of the most important items, all the time. If something goes wrong, you are able to see the crisis before it forms.

If you’re interested to know what your digital audit says about your brand’s online presence, fill in the form below and we will reach out within 48 hours.